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Welcome to Meridian Coaching

Want to move ahead in your life, but are stuck and just can't begin

Have great business ideas, but can't action them and don't know where to go with it ?

Know you could succeed, but fear of failure stops you moving forward?

If any of these 'strikes a chord', coaching is a positive and immediate way forward, taking you from what your life is now to where you want and wish to be!! Its powerful and exciting, its also supportive and embracing.

Through coaching you move into a place where you take charge of your life in a fantastic and inspiring way!  Develop and grow to reach goals that you never thought possible before.

I have proved it myself - just read my story.

All you have to do is begin....


Half or full day intensive coaching session now available.

Move towards extraordinary change with real measured success!

Come away with Goals Strategies Actions.

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Sheila Rantor

Sheila Rantor

Founder and Managing Director, Meridian.

Member of the IOD

Member of the Institute of Directors

Member of the ICF

Member of the International
Coach Federation

“Meridian is in the PEOPLE business whether it is in the structure of their personal life or the corporate world. It is my belief that in this modern and fast world virtually everyone should have their own coach and that coaching has become part of our culture now”.

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